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In the spring, this seasonal camera captures the annual herring spawn and the frenzy of action it triggers on the coast. A major food source for both marine and terrestrial creatures, the silvery fish come out of deep water to school and spawn in the shallow coastal waters. Sea birds, ravens, and eagles together with whales, seals, and sea lions congregate to feed on these forage fish. Herring lay their roe on the kelp, rocks, and fallen trees in the intertidal zone, drawing bears and wolves out of the forest at low tide to feed on the eggs. This location has been a recurring spawning ground, with the best chance of seeing large mammals at low tide.

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Once #herring lay their eggs, just about any #wildlife sighting is possible on this @GreatBearLIVE feed
Herring Spawning Grounds
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest