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Pledge to Protect the Great Bear Sea

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The Great Bear Sea is an ecological treasure. From the vast array of invertebrate species that cover the sea floor, to some of the world’s largest marine mammals, and everything in between, its biodiversity is unparalleled. It borders Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest – part of the world’s largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest – and helps to sustain it by supporting an entire web of terrestrial life.

Today less than 1% of British Columbia’s marine environment is fully protected.

Tankers, unsustainable fisheries, pollution, and climate change all threaten to destabilize this coastal ecosystem and economy. Now, building on the work of First Nations and province of B.C., the federal government has committed to design a system of marine protected areas. If it is designed and implemented properly, this MPA network is a conservation strategy that will help to protect and rebuild threatened species, populations, and ecological communities and bolster local co-management by First Nations. It will offer coastal communities greater economic opportunities and help to protect their way of life for generations to come.

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Now is the time to protect the Great Bear Sea.

I support the First Nations-led establishment of a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) to safeguard biodiversity and ecological processes, as well as food, cultural, and economic security.

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Sign the pledge to protect the Great Bear Sea
Pledge to Protect the Great Bear Sea
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest