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2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Great Bear LIVE is thriving

This year we streamed live video from five different locations in the Great Bear Rainforest on our website for people around the world to watch.

Diving Birds

Wolf pups in a salmon tug-of-war

Wolves on salmon patrol at low-tide


Wolves fishing for salmon

Rainforest wolves return to Great Bear LIVE!

DISPATCH: Whales in the wild and on the web

Great Bear LIVE is a collaboration between Pacific Wild Alliance and the Great Bear Education and Research Project (GBEAR). To learn more about GBEAR, please visit www.projectGbear.org.

On the hunt, a killer whale dives into the water not far from Pacific Wild headquarters. Photo: Diana Chan

‘Tons of orcas in Seaforth.’

This is a welcome text on any day, but especially near the opening of a field season dedicated to tracking a marine mammal that so far had remained elusive. After a week of using two remote cameras to survey cetaceans without even the tip of killer whale dorsal fin peeking through the waves, this was exciting news.

FIELD CAM: Bigg's killer whales prey on Steller sea lions

Seal Garden highlight reel August 2015

Bigg's killer whales hunting sea lions: part 2

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Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest