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Welcome to the new face of Great Bear LIVE


If you were watching the Great Bear LIVE feeds during this year’s herring spawn, or if you’ve recently tuned back into the Seal Garden after its break over the winter, you may have noticed some fairly major changes have been introduced with fairly little fanfare!

The time has come to change that, and today we’re proud to announce that Great Bear LIVE has a new home in the Pacific Wild universe – a microsite you can find any time at greatbearlive.org.

The top 5 views from the 2016 herring season

It’s hard to believe that another herring spawn has already come and gone. With this year’s improvements in joint management, we were able to shift our focus from a controversial fishery and resulting protests last year to documenting the incredible natural history event.

Exactly when and where the herring spawn varies from year to year, so between that and the weather in the Great Bear, filming the spawn is always a challenge. Thanks to the Great Bear LIVE cameras, our documentary team moving from spawn-to-spawn, and a bit of luck, we captured some exciting moments this season. We’re still reviewing footage, but so far here are our 5 favourite views:

A path forward for fisheries management on the coast

Just over a year ago, the Heiltsuk Nation issued a tribal ban prohibiting an industrial sac roe herring fishery as they felt stocks had not recovered sufficiently after collapsing years earlier. Commercial gillnet licenses held by the Heiltsuk were voluntarily suspended in support of this declaration.

A Great Bear Rainforest herring primer


The return of Pacific herring from the open ocean to coastal waters is a special time in the Great Bear Rainforest. It coincides with the turning of the seasons as the long winter yields to spring - marking the return to a more plentiful time of year for the inhabitants of the central coast.

Humpback lunge feeding on herring

Herring with humpback

Schooling herring

Herring in the Great Bear Rainforest


Will 2016 mark the return of a sustainable herring fishery?

Years of industrial fishing resulted in the near collapse of local herring stocks and decades of controversy over the management of the herring fishery in the Great Bear Sea.

For an overview of what's at stake, watch the video and read on.

Northern Resident Killer Whales at Dryad Point


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Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest
Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest